Linux : Compiz custom settings in Ubuntu Intrepid

This page last changed on Jan 05, 2009 by Kees de Kooter


If you turn on "Visual Effects / Extra" in the Appearence Preferences you already get a nice set of Compiz effects. Wobbly windows being my personal favourite (wink). Here are some extra settings to make it the user interface even slicker.

Install CompizConfig Settings Manager

In order to tweak the finer Compiz details you need to install CompizConfig Settings Manager, which in not installed by default.

Resize window mode

Window Management / Resize Window / General / Default Resize Mode = Normal

Semi transparent menus

Opacity, Brightness and Saturation / Opacity / Windows - add Window specific settings: Tooltip | Menu | PopupMenu | DropdownMenu with opacity 90. (Thanks to:

Toggle transparency with mouse wheel

Give some windows a default transparency

Blurred text of windows under semi transparent windows

Workspaces on a cube

Enable Desktop / Rotate Cube


Is by default available with the key <Super>e. I added "Expo Edge" bottom right corner.

Resize Info

Utility / Resize Info / Show resize info for all windows = True

Enable window previews