A New Era in Software Development

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A New Era in Software Development

We are entering a new era in enterprise software development. New technologies enable us to leverage the power of our modern laptops and mobile devices.

Native Web Apps

This implies a major shift in the way we develop software. Every layer in the architecture of a web application can now focus on what it does best. The server accesses data sources. The client renders fast and responsive user interfaces. Client and server communicate through lightweight, low-bandwidth messaging. The server is stateless and highly scalable.

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It all starts with proper tools!
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Boplicity Software
Kees de Kooter

Kees de Kooter

Kees de Kooter founded Boplicity Software in 1997. He is a seasoned full stack developer 'with an itch'. He always pursues the creation of software solutions that are simple, easily maintainable and highly extensible. He is on a continuous quest for 'the right tool for the right job'.

Specialties: thinking outside the box. Inventing solutions that are spot-on.