Jazz 010 Live

Never miss a beat!

Designed & developed the "Rotterdamse Jazzagenda". Automatically collects details of all jazz concerts in the 010 area.

Jazz 010 Live

Onder de Boompjes

Reimagining online auctions

Participated in the development of the new online auction site. From UI/UX design to front- and backend development.

Onder de Boompjes

Koninklijke Rijnja

High quality printing for professionals

Collaborating with the in-house development team on the continuous improvement of the company's online presence. Main focus: backend development, architecture and streamlining of the development process.

Koninklijke Rijnja


Takes the pain out of capturing & sharing technical notes

NoteStack is the tool that was missing in the developer's toolbox. A low friction 24/7 place for capturing quick notes, code samples, system configurations and end-user documentation.



Online shopping redefined

A shopping service "with a social touch". Powered by ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Node.js, Meteor & ReactJS. Deployed with Docker.

My main job is the implementation of the innovative search UI.



Next level web crawling

Aggregating real estate sales information by crawling various realtor websites. Enriched with open data. The crawl process is driven by Spring Batch. Further processing is performed with RabbitMQ as the backbone, triggering various microservices.

The software is designed to have as low an impact as possible on the websites visited. Incidents are monitored using cloud services like Papertrail, DataDog and Slack.


Website & API monitoring in a snap

Log in with a social media account. Enter your domain name. Done. Your website will be monitored 24/7. Get notified of malfunction before your customers find out.

The application was built in JavaScript end-to-end: Aurelia for the frontend, nodejs & MongoDB for the backend.

Maritime Cluster Rotterdam

Visualizing the connections between port and city

The Maritime Cluster Rotterdam Project is a narrative network map of Maritime oriented companies. Company information is aggregated from several open data sources and stored in a graph database - Neo4J. Network relations can be navigated interactively.


Time tracking should be simple!

Metronome's main goal is to take the pain out of time tracking and invoicing. Freelance professionals track time spent via web and mobile. Invoicing is a matter of a few mouse clicks. Automated emails remind customers to pay on time.



Select and review building contractors

BouwNu aims to help people that want to build or renovate their home to select a suitable building contractor. Contractor information and reviews are stored in Firebase, which in turn is indexed by ElasticSearch.


Streamline industry supply chains

"The Tradecloud platform enables predictable data-driven supply chains for Manufacturing & Wholesale companies. Realizing more speed and higher margins."

Boplicity was engaged in the initial startup phase of TradeCloud, responsible for developing the front end application with Angular and Bootstrap.


Supercharge the city's call centre

Klantbeeld enabled the city's call centre agents to handle citizen's phone calls quickly and effectively. It bundles a myriad of internal datasources into one efficiently navigable user interface.

The (back then) revolutionary Google Web Toolkit was used to build a highly responsive and interactive application. It enabled 120 concurrent users with minimum server load.