Linux : IMAP setup

This page last changed on Feb 28, 2006 by Kees de Kooter

My Linux mailserver setup consists of the following component:

  • postfix - mail transfer agent
  • courier-imap - imap server

Postfix virtual domain setup: add domain to mydestination attribute in; add a virtual_maps entry to; make the mappings in the virtual_maps file

Note for Mozilla mail client:

In order to not view all folders as subfolders of INBOX:

The settings are:

  • IMAP server directory: "INBOX." (Without the quotes)
  • Server supports folders that contains subfolders and messages
  • Personal namespace: <blank>
  • Public namespace: "shared." (With the quotes)
  • Other users: <blank>
  • Allow server to override settings: UNCHECKED