Linux : Running apache2 on Ubuntu server

This page last changed on Dec 09, 2008 by Kees de Kooter


Ubuntu inherits a non-standard packaging of Apache from Debian. It takes some getting used to. Fortunately Debian/Ubuntu provide some handy utilities to simplify apache admin. Here is a collection of tips fo how to manage Apache HTTP server on Ubuntu.

Enable sites


Enable modules


Using mod_proxy

First make sure the module is loaded: a2enmod proxy. The configuration for this module is in /etc/apache2/mods-available/proxy.conf. By default all proxy traffic is disabled.

Creating tomcat instances

tomcat6-instance-create is a script that creates a directory with all required Tomcat6 CATALINA_BASE elements, allowing you to run a separate Tomcat 6 instance with its own configuration, libraries or web applications. It also creates bin/ and bin/ scripts to allow you to start and stop your instance.

I think I am starting to like the ubuntu-packaged tomcat (wink)