Tomcat : Installing Pluto 1.1.2 on Tomcat 6

This page last changed on May 03, 2007 by Kees de Kooter

Apache Pluto is the reference implementation of JSR-168 (Portlet Specification). Version 1.1.x is already incorporating features of the successor of the portlet spec, JSR-268. For a project I am working on at the moment I need portal functionality so I tried Pluto. You can download a binary bundle with Tomcat 5.5 included. But (of course) I want to customize the default portal and I want to deploy on JDK 6.

Pluto portal applications consist of at least 2 war files: one with the portal ("Pluto Driver") and at least one containing portlets. Pluto relies on a bunch of jars to be present in the app server ($TOMCAT_HOME/lib or $TOMCAT_HOME/shared/lib for Tomcat 5.x):

Next the pluto-portal.war is copied to the $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps dir.

Unfortunately on bootup of tomcat I get the following exception:

SEVERE: Servlet /pluto-portal threw load() exception
org.apache.pluto.PortletContainerException: Error loading context: Apache Pluto Portal Driver
        at org.apache.pluto.internal.PortletDescriptorRegistry.createDefinition(
        at org.apache.pluto.internal.PortletDescriptorRegistry.getPortletAppDD(
        at org.apache.pluto.core.PortletContextManager.register(
        at org.apache.pluto.core.PortletContextManager.register(
        at org.apache.pluto.core.PortletServlet.init(
        at javax.servlet.GenericServlet.init(