Maven : Retrieve Subversion revision number with Ant

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This ant task retrieves the revision number of HEAD using the svn.exe commandline tool. This has to be available on the path. Furthermore ant-contrib.jar needs to be present in the classpath. Altogether not a very portable solution...

<target name="find_revision">

    <property name="revision" value="HEAD"/>
    <property name="svn.root" value="svn://traffic01/var/svnroot/trafficits"/>
    <property name="log.dir" location="log"/>
    <property name="release.root" location="c:/var/projects/release"/>
    <!-- find out revision number of HEAD, need svn.exe installed on local machine -->
    <exec executable="svn" outputproperty="svnlog.out">
        <arg line="log ${svn.root} -r ${revision} -q"/>
    <!-- need ant-contrib.jar for this in lib dir of ant install -->
    <taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/"/>
    <propertyregex property="revision.number" input="${svnlog.out}"
        <regexp pattern="r([0-9]*)"/>
    <echo>Revision found: ${revision.number}</echo>


I posted too soon. Here's the version that's working for me.

    <macrodef name="getsvnrevision">
        <attribute name="revision" default="HEAD"/>
        <attribute name="srcUrl"/>
        <attribute name="property"/>

        &lt;tempfile property=&quot;svninfo.log&quot;/&gt;
        &lt;exec executable=&quot;svn&quot; output=&quot;${svninfo.log}&quot;&gt;
            &lt;arg line=&quot;info @{srcUrl}&quot;/&gt;
        &lt;loadfile property=&quot;@{property}&quot; srcFile=&quot;${svninfo.log}&quot;&gt;
                    &lt;regexp pattern=&quot;Last Changed Rev: &quot;/&gt;
                &lt;deletecharacters chars=&quot;Last Changed Rev: &quot;/&gt;
        &lt;delete file=&quot;${svninfo.log}&quot;/&gt;
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